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This blog layout provides a “Featured Panel” at the top of the front page.  From time to time I will put old posts from the archives into the panel for those of you who may have missed them first time around…or for those of you with problems of recall …or for those masochists amongst you who would actually want to read them more than once.


An Invitation

For anybody out there who may be wondering why there have been no more posts…here is (sort of) the explanation. And yes, it will be as “off the wall” as what has gone before…just in a different way. 🙂

The Restoration Begins!

As I brush a thick layer of dust from the cover of the huge leatherbound tome, the ornately scrolled title becomes clearer.  Where The Fatdog Walks stands out in big black letters; once shiny but now dimmed by time and faded in memory.  This near-forgotten volume of “Tails” still holds the magic of days past and a picture of places to which I may never return.

“Ugh…!” you say,

 “We don’t come here for mushy claptrap like ‘…places to which I may never return!'”

No…I have to correct you on that point .  There are many places to which I have no intention of ever  returning…because they were soddin’ unpleasant and I should never have visited them in the first soddin’ place!  But I have no doubt I will mention that in posts to come.

The dust covers have been whipped off Where The Fatdog Walks to begin the delicate restoration of what was once a fine piece of work.  I’ll be adding missing adventures and taking a look back at some of the more interesting incidents over the 6 years of our adventures.  The new blog layout will be be ideal for galleries of photographs, some of which were not used in the original “Tails”.  I have not as yet decided whether to import all the old stories or whether to take a more generally reflective approach to our adventures using extracts from the originals.  At the minute the latter is looking the more likely.

I attempted to keep the blog going after we lost Maisie (The Fatdog) but found it incredibly difficult to write, especially on a regular basis.  I’ve lost count of how many times I began a post, stared blankly at the screen for 5 minutes…then turned the computer off and went back downstairs. In an attempt to break away from the past I opened Reservoir Dugz, based on the new pups, but again found that I still couldn’t break past the quiet sadness.  I nearly gave up blogging altogether…until recently.

It would appear that nearly year and a half later the past is now behind me and, at long last, I’m able to produce new work without the dark shadow of the events of 2012 looming over me. I can  now begin the restoration of the blog and create a  proper archive of our adventures.

I realise that there may be nobody out there to read this now…and in truth it’s maybe not a blog in the accepted sense.  But it is a record of events, something left in print that says;

“We did all THIS!”

Welcome once again to Where The Fatdog Walks.

The Mighty Gate of Invervar – Part 1

I believe, not that I’m an expert in this field, that you should always have three points of contact when climbing.  This is a useful guide for any form of awkward ascending.  At present I have four.  Sadly none of them are greater than 1cm diameter and two are much, much, less.  It is those two that are, at the minute, holding me upright.  Dave MacLeod would be impressed.    Continue reading The Mighty Gate of Invervar – Part 1

A Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation Production

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