And Now For Something Really…REALLY…’Orrible!

I told you it was really…REALLY…’orrible!


Don’t say you weren’t suitably warned.  A photo by Mr.P on the Monamenach walk.


A Case of Mistaken Identity?

He hobbled along the edge of the winding country road, his single stick waving viciously at the passing cars. A hunched dull grey figure wrapped against the nippy March breeze he dodged the oncoming traffic with the ease of an old court jester capering for his master. Tramp or traveller? Difficult to say from where I sat in the drivers seat, but as I approached I was aware of what appeared to be a square of paper hung around his scrawny neck. Had a piece of his well tucked in newspaper escaped from his ruined ancient jacket leaving him short of a much needed layer of insulation? It could be a cold night for him tonight if that was the case. Maybe it was a sign – “50p for a cuppa, mate?”. or possibly “Bugger off and leave me alone!”. Who knows? I had no intentions of stopping to find out. Continue reading A Case of Mistaken Identity?

About Time for a Wee Munro, I Think

After successfully completing a couple of walks on the Grahams, I decided that myself and The Fatdog should extend our range a wee bit and tackle an easy Munro.   Glas Tulaichean was a fairly easy option.  Lying just to the east of Glenshee this wee bump, with its track to the top, was going to provide zero by way of awkwardness for either of us.  At over 15km and 700m of ascent of a round trip it would be our longest walk in recent months.    We hadn’t been at this height (1051m) since last August! Continue reading About Time for a Wee Munro, I Think

Time for a Wee Break

You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts on the blog during the past few weeks.

We’re taking a break.

I know, I know…for some of you this is the equivalent of the end of the world as you know it so you might as well find the nearest window and defenestrate yourself with immediate effect.  I sympathise but, your immediate demise notwithstanding, it’s time for me to concentrate on other things.  The bloggers amongst you will know how much time a blog can take up between writing for your own blog and keeping up with others. Continue reading Time for a Wee Break

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