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Welcome to our new home 😀  Again my apologies to those who are having to fiddle about with feeds, subscriptions etc.

Hopefully a fresh start might encourage me to get on with a few of the projects which have been sitting on the back burner for a while.  Needless to say this is not guaranteed, but I will try. 😆

I have at last sorted out how to show updates from other blogs (after 2 years!) – not an immediately clear process on WordPress.  For those of you whose blogs have failed to appear in that series of feeds, please let me know so that I can include them.  My blog list was never perfect at the best of times. 😳

Oh well…back to work! 😀

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The Fara & Meall nan Eagan Gallery

As the “Tail” of last Saturday’s wee hike with MrP is still a few days away, here’s a taster of the scenery from just north of Drumochter.

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The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation Proudly Presents – A New Theme!

You may have noticed that, contrary to my expectations, the blog can still be found by search engines.  Before I pressed the button, I discovered that my proposed withdrawal from the clutch of the all-seeing monsters wouldn’t happen even if I did press it.  Such disillusionment I have never experienced before.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I decided to put the best face on it…and give the blog a makeover instead.  Goodness knows how long I’ll keep this WordPress theme as I’ve still to discover what disadvantages may lurk beneath its “leather-bound” exterior.  Hopefully not too many of you will be inconsolable by the loss of the old one.  However, do not be surprised if this re-incarnation amends itself before your very eyes! 😉

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…in a galaxy far, Fara, way.

MrP and I managed our first joint expedition of the year on Saturday.  We picked a nice easy wee hill (The Fara)…and then for good measure another nice wee hill just behind (Meall nan Eagan).  Today I ache.

The WEATHER GODS were obviously a trifle put out by the antics of The Weather Thieves some 10 days earlier…and let us know all about it.  But it was a great wee walk of some 14km.

I am rather looking forward to writing up this one…even now some of the ideas are what you might define as…unexpected.  😯  😉

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Let the “imperceptibly loaded dice” of the Weather Thieves roll…

The Weather Thieves have no allegiance to days of the week or particular mountain ranges.  Opportunists, they are watchers of charts, plotters of many possibilities, schemers and out and out…chancers!  But a few hours window is all that is needed to sneak a fair weather hill from under the noses of the capricious weather gods.  That said, filching a good day from them in ever changing February has to be the greatest challenge. We kicked their collective a***s last year, could we do it again?

Let the “imperceptibly loaded dice” of the Weather Thieves roll… Continue reading Let the “imperceptibly loaded dice” of the Weather Thieves roll…

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