Landmark Note 1

The following “Tail” – Ben Venue – was my first ever trip report for  I had no idea how to host photographs or how to write a story – but I was prepared to give it my best shot.  I’d found it difficult to communicate in the forum as I had no experience of hillwalking to allow me to comment on the reports of others.  I felt like the gooseberry at the school dance – there, but gently pushed into a corner.  But as we all know – “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”

I’d read what others had written but as far as I could see nobody had yet attempted serious, off the wall, humour.  I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off but I reckoned it was worth a shot – on the crash and burn principle.  It was here that “Where The Fatdog Walks” was first used publicly and where the concept of the “Tails” began.

The previous “Tails” were written long after the event.  This is, as they say, the real deal.


Now it's your turn...

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