It’s an Effin Shame

In light of a new comment by curveyhiker I ‘ve “bumped” this old post.  Have a look down the comments to see why.
In the news this week the existence of the wee town of Effin was banned by that demon of social networking – Facebook- for being a sweary word in disguise. Undeterred I am prepared to flout such blatant censorship and bring you the original…the one and only..Matt McGinn. The spelling may be slightly different…but it’s the same sweary word in disguise.

11 thoughts on “It’s an Effin Shame”

  1. Reminds me of a corny joke….

    Old woman goes to the fishmonger and asks for some cod. Fishmonger says he doesn’t have any but he does have salmon, hake, herring and pollock. 10 minutes later she’s back and asks for cod. Fishmonger pauses and tells her he doesn’t have any but he does have haddock, plaice and mullet. 10 minutes later she’s back again and asks for cod. Slightly annoyed the fishmonger tells her he does not have any so please don’t ask again. 10 minutes later, you guessed it she’s back, asking for cod again. “Right” says the the fishmonger, “Spell Haddock for me”. “H-A-D-D-O-C-K” says the old lady. “Right, now spell Salmon”, “S-A-L-M-O-N” she replies. “Now spell Cod”. “C-O-D”. “You’ve forgotton the F” says the the Fishmonger. “There’s no F in Cod” says the old lady. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!!!”

    I thank you

  2. Oh dear…I better think up something else to write before any more arrive. 😦 😉

    Thanks Andy 😀

    1. Went to the TV store the other day. Bloke says he has a second hand one for £20 but the volume control doesn’t work. I thought about it and decided to take it. Well, at that price I couldn’t turn it down.

      I thank you

  3. I don’t know why I appeared on this scene right now, but the laughs were worth it! I came to show you a Facebook link I just saw that may qualify as some kind of “shame”. Just in time for Christmas:

    Not only have I been outta touch recently, I’m also moving to a new location. Still in this area, but haven’t moved in 18 years, and you can just imagine all the stuff I’ve had to get rid of. If I can survive just one more day, I’ll be there, and maybe can relax for a day or two.
    Even though I’m not mentally or physically in need of a senior residence, I’m gonna give it a
    try. Scotland must have comparable places, where active seniors can live independently and take advantage of having meals prepared daily, and served restaurant style in a lovely
    dining room. Many activities and a lovely environment, and practically no responsibility for
    household chores, and no yard work. Full kitchen, so if I get the urge, it’s right there.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!, and don’t do anything to this post. Let ‘er ride, as they say somewhere in the US south.

    1. Can’t see it as a realistic way of redistributing wealth and land ownership in Scotland. 😆

      In the 1970’s there was a politically driven theatre group called the 784 Theatre Company – I believe the name originated from an article in “The Economist” that 7% of the population held 84% of the wealth (1960’s). I suspect the figures for the ownership of land are even more skewed – especially these days.

      Wow…you’ve moved! That’s a big step. Well done on making the decision to give it a try! 😀

      To be honest I know almost nothing about senior care. Nobody in our family ever lived in such a situation, though my Gran lived in what we call sheltered housing – her own house (there were about a dozen in total), still within a village, with a resident warden nearby.

      Must have been a rush getting it organised in the run up to Christmas. Hope you enjoy your new home! 😀

      Have a Good Christmas and a Happy New Year, Florene.

  4. This popped up in my WP Reader and I laughed out loud!
    Because I happen to be good friends with the Proud Effin Woman, who waged her one-woman-war with Facebook over being able to list Effin as her hometown (and won I might add!) and a group of us invade her home and land for some Effin camping each summer in our VW campers 🙂
    Its a whole weekend of Effin puns as you can imagine…just don’t mention the Effin Cock…although he was suspiciously silent last year, however the BBQ’d chicken was sublime!

    1. Excellent…wow what a coincidence! I do wonder though what “tags” you’ve set up on your reader to pick this post up! Will “bump” this post back onto the “featured” section on the front page so your comment can be read by the others. 😀

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