The Featured Panel

This blog layout provides a “Featured Panel” at the top of the front page.  From time to time I will put old posts from the archives into the panel for those of you who may have missed them first time around…or for those of you with problems of recall …or for those masochists amongst you who would actually want to read them more than once.


4 thoughts on “The Featured Panel”

  1. You have to have variety, Helen. Can you remember reading any of the 6 featured posts before? Other than the current one obviously. 😆 Think of it as enhancing your blogging experience. 😀

      1. Sorry Helen, you’ve lost me this time. 😆 I’ve been ill the past 2 weeks and my brain is a now bit scrambled – even trying to decipher simple sentences. You should have seen the effort (and the monumental mistakes) as I tried to write blog posts and revitalise this old blog – took me hours! You’ll have to give me a clue. 😀

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