The Restoration Begins!

As I brush a thick layer of dust from the cover of the huge leatherbound tome, the ornately scrolled title becomes clearer.  Where The Fatdog Walks stands out in big black letters; once shiny but now dimmed by time and faded in memory.  This near-forgotten volume of “Tails” still holds the magic of days past and a picture of places to which I may never return.

“Ugh…!” you say,

 “We don’t come here for mushy claptrap like ‘…places to which I may never return!'”

No…I have to correct you on that point .  There are many places to which I have no intention of ever  returning…because they were soddin’ unpleasant and I should never have visited them in the first soddin’ place!  But I have no doubt I will mention that in posts to come.

The dust covers have been whipped off Where The Fatdog Walks to begin the delicate restoration of what was once a fine piece of work.  I’ll be adding missing adventures and taking a look back at some of the more interesting incidents over the 6 years of our adventures.  The new blog layout will be be ideal for galleries of photographs, some of which were not used in the original “Tails”.  I have not as yet decided whether to import all the old stories or whether to take a more generally reflective approach to our adventures using extracts from the originals.  At the minute the latter is looking the more likely.

I attempted to keep the blog going after we lost Maisie (The Fatdog) but found it incredibly difficult to write, especially on a regular basis.  I’ve lost count of how many times I began a post, stared blankly at the screen for 5 minutes…then turned the computer off and went back downstairs. In an attempt to break away from the past I opened Reservoir Dugz, based on the new pups, but again found that I still couldn’t break past the quiet sadness.  I nearly gave up blogging altogether…until recently.

It would appear that nearly year and a half later the past is now behind me and, at long last, I’m able to produce new work without the dark shadow of the events of 2012 looming over me. I can  now begin the restoration of the blog and create a  proper archive of our adventures.

I realise that there may be nobody out there to read this now…and in truth it’s maybe not a blog in the accepted sense.  But it is a record of events, something left in print that says;

“We did all THIS!”

Welcome once again to Where The Fatdog Walks.


25 thoughts on “The Restoration Begins!”

    1. Hello MrP…you’re quite correct, only the ghosts of adventures past it would appear. 😀

      I’ve been planning to do this for a long while…audience or not. You never know I may paint you in a better light second time around. 😆

      I see you are back to the signing in problem again…sorry. 😦 It must happen when I change blog themes.

    1. Not so far from the truth Squiz…battling with their little idiosyncrasies was as big a factor in the intermittent blogging as was the loss of Maisie. Still some way to go but we did manage Ben Ledi a few weeks back although the sciatica makes my enthusiasm for hillwalking fairly erratic. Can’t contemplate tackling snow. But on the plus side I can now write on a regular basis. 😀

    1. It’s going to be difficult to live up to that this time around, Andy. I’m not entirely sure where this more reflective look is going to take me and whether it lends itself to the absurdity of its previous incarnation remains to be seen. Nevertheless…we’ll try to give it some wellie! 😀

  1. At the risk of being all too serious, it could be just where you need to go right now. I’m also battling a little at the moment – whereas I know my special Dixie is still a happy bunny, she’s not quite the doggy she once was, has just turned 12, and sometimes I look at her and she looks just a little on the elderly side. These things are never easy.

    1. No, it’s a fair point Chrissie…someone else said more or less the same on Facebook.

      For me that crisis has past…and why I’m now able to write consistently again. Maisie is now a more remote character in my head occupying less thought space than in previous months. The trials of bringing up the pups also contributed…not a lot of time to think about the past with that pair though initially it seemed to make it worse.

      I know what you mean about Dixie looking old…looking back at Maisie’s photos of her at 9 I was horrified that I was hauling that poor creature over Munros. Photos can be deceiving though and she loved those walks although I sensed something not right just from some of her behaviour in those last walks. Mind you she achieved a near elderly look at 6! 😀

      Dixie is still “doing the business” which is all you can ask for.

    1. This had been planned for a while…really since I set up The challenge will be to freshen up what is old material so that it still feels relevant and not just a regurgitation what has gone before.

      The original plan was to time-end the blog at 2012 but, if the pups and I do head back into the wilds (which expends on a number of factors) then I may bring the whole thing together again in this, the original, blog using the Fatdog material as reference eg “In Search of The Fatdog”. But that’s merely an idea at the minute.

      1. Raindrops! You may know, but we’re in the worst drought EVER… and some areas in California will be outta water in about 2 months…. period. I think my move to the wet northwest is happening at just the right time. Washington does have periodic droughts, but relatively speaking, they’re not nearly as severe. It’s not a joking matter any more… kinda scary. I don’t track worldwide weather closely, but it seems there are reports of irregular extremes.

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