“Lucky White Heather! Get Your Lucky White Heather!”

For the life of me I can’t remember in what 1970’s comedy sketch the phrase “Lucky white heather, get your lucky white heather!” appeared.  All I can recall was that the events within said sketch were anything but lucky…a bit like this week here at The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation.


The Easter hols arrived as did J’s virus.  Nothing like a nasty wee cold to start your two week spring break.  I seem to be immune so far but…

…as a result of this inconsiderate bug we had to cancel our much looked forward to lunch at the Michelin starred Peat Inn (near Coupar) in the Kingdom of Fife.  What I didn’t know was that, as I attempted unsuccessfully to contact them to proffer apologies and to reschedule, they were trying to do exactly the same thing.  Snow had killed off the power to the restaurant resulting in frantic phone calls and profuse apologies on their part.  So…       

…that afternoon we sat in and watched telly instead.  Well, we tried to.  The tv’s power unit decided that it had had enough – and packed in.  It was going to be one of those days.  We slung the beast (all 42″ of plasma screen) into The Tank and deposited it at the repair shop.  The repair man said a couple of days and he would be able to give us a repair price.  My internet trawl suggested we weren’t going to get change from £200 – so we went off to wander round the telly shops and…

…a couple of baffling hours later we realised we were at least 7 years behind the times and that the “magic picture box” had moved on considerably in the intervening years.  We were on our way home when the switch broke on J’s mobile phone (for the second and final time) so… 

…the next day, having deposited The Tank at the garage for its annual service and MOT we spent nearly 2 mind bending hours in the phone shop setting J up with a new phone.  With one job out of the way it was time to give the garage a quick call and discovered that…

…The Tank had failed its MOT and…

…the part wasn’t a “bog standard” one and…

…it had to be ordered from Hyundai who…

…were on holiday over Easter, so…

…it would be Tuesday before The Tank could be fixed and an MOT issued and…

…the current MOT ran out on Saturday.  Our excursions would now be courtesy of the Wee Panda.


You might say that things were not going according to plan.

The tv repair man knew he was up against it when he confirmed that a repair to our elderly set was liable to cost between £200 and £400.  Struggling in the face of adversity we decided we would purchase a new telly.

Did you know you can get a 46″ tv into the back of a Fiat Panda…and close the doors!  Truly remarkable.


14 thoughts on ““Lucky White Heather! Get Your Lucky White Heather!””

  1. Just what you need…..

    Not what you’re trying to remember, but this group I recall seeing/hearing many times
    in earlier years, and it fits you today.

    BTW… Happy Easter! Bah, humbug… right?

    1. I have the ability to offend a whole long list of Someones – depending on the belief system present at that time…so it’s probably down to one or other of the capricious Sods!

    1. Strangely our old 42″ plasma was bigger 😯 . It had speakers on the side and was much bulkier. Don’t think we could have squeezed it into The Wee Panda. 😆

      Oh dear! The White Heather Club. I am wincing in embarrassment for you Chrissie. Put that up as a blog post – I dare you! 😀

    1. I should have known!

      I thought you had lost a bit of steam through those um “pointed” emails – obviously not 😆

  2. My oracle of all things televisual (aka the laird o’ Camelon)tells me that its a Rikki Fulton advert – possibly for Agnew’s.

    1. Excellent – was hoping someone would remember! Tried on YouTube but didn’t turn up anything. Thanks Dave 😀 .

        1. Of course! Should have remembered that…especially where you are concerned. 😆 I believe it’s the motto on the Ridley family crest. 😉

          Good to hear from you Ralph – the Gaggia is on and ready for your promised visit…and I should remind you that the
          Giro is on just now. 😀

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