And Now For Something Really…REALLY…’Orrible!

I told you it was really…REALLY…’orrible!


Don’t say you weren’t suitably warned.  A photo by Mr.P on the Monamenach walk.


10 thoughts on “And Now For Something Really…REALLY…’Orrible!”

    1. He does…doesn’t he.

      That was taken before I wandered off up that unplanned Graham top… 😉

    1. Mr.P has sole rights to the teeth shots, Chrissie. He pretends to look happy when he reaches the summit…totally miserable the rest of the way. 😉

    1. I didn’t think you were the sort of man who would be tempted by such peculiar delights as could be had in such places, Bob. 😆

  1. That last comment was me Ken.I Forgot to fill in my email details before sending I was so disturbed by that photo. It reminded me of my childhood far too much !@!!!

    1. Could tell it was you, Bob. Do you know why? 😯

      Not your IP address btw.

      Your childhood must have been dreadful based on that statement, Bob.

    1. Our carers normally have to come with us – but sometimes…just sometimes…we are allowed out on our own. 😀

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