A Case of Mistaken Identity?

He hobbled along the edge of the winding country road, his single stick waving viciously at the passing cars. A hunched dull grey figure wrapped against the nippy March breeze he dodged the oncoming traffic with the ease of an old court jester capering for his master. Tramp or traveller? Difficult to say from where I sat in the drivers seat, but as I approached I was aware of what appeared to be a square of paper hung around his scrawny neck. Had a piece of his well tucked in newspaper escaped from his ruined ancient jacket leaving him short of a much needed layer of insulation? It could be a cold night for him tonight if that was the case. Maybe it was a sign – “50p for a cuppa, mate?”. or possibly “Bugger off and leave me alone!”. Who knows? I had no intentions of stopping to find out.

There was, however, an unsettling feeling of familiarity as I drove past, eyes averted for fear of making contact with this strange creature of the roads. It would be the sad, silent, pleading for food, or possibly a lift, that would prove difficult to deal with. Overcome with guilt I relented and glanced in my rearview mirror but all I could see was the back of the shuffling grey figure, still heading in the opposite direction. Odd though…there was definitely something about that old tramp?

Less than a minute later The Fatdog and I pulled into our intended parking spot at Amulree. It was only a couple of days after our wee excursion up Monamenach with Mr.P. I wondered how he was getting on. Probably off back to Derby by now. Shame, he would have liked the walk I had planned for today. Mind you, he would be more likely to have wanted to tackle those two Grahams further back….along…the…road? 😯

I glanced back along the road…but the old tramp had gone.


13 thoughts on “A Case of Mistaken Identity?”

    1. I did receive an email from Mr.P soon after the post….sorry can’t print the title. My birth certificate does show that my parents were married before I arrived, however. πŸ˜‰

  1. If you are worrying about Mr. P., surely someone reasonably competent with a computer (Cap’n Jack?) could hack into whatever body monitors his tag?

    1. Hi Squiz :D. Great to hear from you again.

      Usually I just check with the local hospitals’ emergency clinics before I go out. πŸ˜‰ He must be logged in most of their systems by now.

    1. Don’t think that can be done Squiz. 😦

      As far as I know it’s only people who have blogs that can display their own avatar (it’s done automatically)

      What I could suggest is taking out a blog at wordpress.com (doesn’t take long – doesn’t cost – and you wouldn’t have to use it thereafter) and then uploading your avatar pic. You can then use that anywhere. Give me a shout if you want to do that and I’ll give you a hand.

      Maybe someone else knows how it could be done. Anyone?

      I thought it was a very fetching avatar myself. πŸ˜‰

    1. The cast of characters became quite extensive…

      The Fatdog
      Cap’n Jack
      The Bleating Sheep
      The Cupcake Queen

      To name a few.

      It wasn’t just spooky, Chrissie…it was ‘orrible … ‘orrible .

    1. Sadly, the mistake appears to have been letting Mr.P out into the community without the provision of fulltime care.

      I await with eager anticipation the response from Mr.P. πŸ˜†

    1. I think those Affric photos should never be posted MrP. They belong in the realms of medical research…or possibly “Silent Witness”.

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