Time for a Wee Break

You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts on the blog during the past few weeks.

We’re taking a break.

I know, I know…for some of you this is the equivalent of the end of the world as you know it so you might as well find the nearest window and defenestrate yourself with immediate effect.  I sympathise but, your immediate demise notwithstanding, it’s time for me to concentrate on other things.  The bloggers amongst you will know how much time a blog can take up between writing for your own blog and keeping up with others.

With the muscles in the legs becoming more problematical in recent weeks I now need to concentrate fully on sorting out this problem before it degenerates further.  On Monday Cap’n Jack, The Fatdog and I took a wee stroll up Dumgoyne, a wee volcanic plug at the west end of the Campsies.  I made it…just!  By the time we’d reached about 50m from the summit my right leg had expired with zero power coming through.  The drop off in my ascent speed caused me to chill down dramatically on what was a decent day weather-wise.

So….I’ve decided to take time off from the all-consuming blog to work on improving my all round physical fitness, especially my core strength.  It would appear some muscles have been compensating for years as they’ve sought to overcome deficiencies in others thus leading to utter confusion and a muscular system in complete panic.  A complete retraining programme is currently under way.  This is something I should have done over a year ago but kept putting it off.  I tinkered around the edges of it but didn’t improve the situation.  It’s now time to take it on as a full time hobby.

I’ve set myself a preliminary goal of April to get back into the mountains and the blog…but that is just a timescale plucked out of thin air.  It may take a lot longer.  Hopefully the next 3 weeks will give me a better idea of where I stand (or don’t).

There might be the odd short post in the intervening period if something comes up but I have, at the moment, no plans for anything to be published.

Fingers crossed, we’ll see you all again in the Spring.


15 thoughts on “Time for a Wee Break”

  1. Good luck with it all Ken. I’ve just been told that after another 4 weeks of my ankle in plaster, I will then need 6 weeks of physio. That takes me up to the end of April, so we’re on a similar recuperating/reconditioning time-scale!

  2. It’s sooo easy to ignore physical therapy until your body shows who’s boss. Best wishes
    for your efforts, and at your age you’ll likely have success, but it takes dedication, and
    more dedication.

    Your blogs go into a separate mailbox, which makes it easy for me to see if you have,
    or have not, blogged.


  3. Orrabest with the rehab Ken. The weather up here over the last few months hasn’t helped – awful difficult to motivate yourself to go and walk up a hill when MWIS were using the word “hypothermia” in a forecast earlier on.


  4. Weeks and weeks of full time physical exercise versus lazing over a keyboard making the occasional post and we’re supposed to believe that you have gone for option A? Tell us immediately what you have done with the real Ken or the authorities will have to become involved.

  5. Thank you very much for all the good wishes folks 😀 .

    Hopefully we’ll see you all again soon. Right…it’s back to the “planks” and “bridges”. Sounds like Work all over again for me!

  6. Pity. Just when I’d started to follow your most entertaining ramblings (in both senses of the word). All the best anyway.

  7. Good luck and hope to see you back soon. By the way the blog seems to have been blocked by my work firewall as ‘personal relationships’ !!!

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