“New” Blogs We Like – French Leave

For a while now I’ve been trawling the internet looking for blogs that appeal to my sense of humour or that I just find…interesting.  I’ve discovered these are scarcer than the proverbial hen’s teeth!  There are blogs out there with hundreds, yes hundreds, of followers but the writing therein would bore the backside off an elephant.  I won’t even mention the deplorable standard of the comments.  No sarcasm, insults or general mocking of the blogger or, for that matter other contributors.  What sorts of blogs are these!?

But having said all that sometimes you come across little gems that you would recommend to others just because you know they’ll like them, irrespective of the actual subject matter of the blogs.  I’ve put a new category on the menu bar called “New” Blogs We Like to hold these recommendations.

So…without further ado here’s the first of my recommendations to the viewers of The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation.


French Leave

…removes the rose-tinted spectacles from the French idyll and gives an insight into the reality of moving to France for the “good life”.

Written by a Scot who lived in France for 20 years and now lives in…Costa Rica, this blog is written in a style that I think will appeal to readers of “Where The Fatdog Walks”. 

But be warned!  She follows “the cricket”!    


14 thoughts on ““New” Blogs We Like – French Leave”

  1. To be the first entry on your new category…what can I do but blush and disclaim!
    It is most kind of you…and I’m glad you were able, in the goodness of your heart, to overlook ‘the cricket’.

    1. Not in a million years was “the cricket” going to be overlooked I’m afraid : lol: You’ll find that such terms as ” goodness” and “heart” don’t really apply here, at The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation, though someone did write in our mission statement “cheap shots are good!”.

      1. All credit does to “fly in the web” herself….and my old mate Ricky who did the actual discovering. 😀

        Cricket…you Alex? :(. Don’t worry, I’ll try to hush it up. 😉

  2. I have to say I enjoyed having a nosey around the blog – my parents lived in France for a couple of years and had lots of stories about it. Loads of stuff drove my mum in particular to distraction. Things like her name wasn’t allowed to be printed on the cheques relating to their ‘joint’ account – only my dad’s was on as he was quite clearly the only important person in the relationship….but as I said, they only managed two years there before moving on!

    1. I’m pleased you found this blog intriguing 😀 .

      It’s good to have a bit of background into French life when reading. We’ve stayed a couple of times on a gite owned by a family friend…so we’ve been getting all the quirky stories of French local bureaucracy and local customs when we visit.

  3. Good choice Ken.Interesting read. Its not a blog as such but typing in “20 worst stuffed animal pictures” always makes me laugh.Taxidermy it seems is an art best left to the professionals.

    1. Bob…if I didn’t know it was you commenting I’d swear to God that this was a bit of spam. I’m wondering if you’ve hit a cross link or found a bit of the blog I didn’t read? 😆

      I would really like to discover where you were – or why you might want to type in “20 worst stuffed animal pictures”. 😯


      Confused of Larbert 😀

  4. Your own altered dog picture on the front of this post brought it to mind Ken.I was looking to see If anyone had ever stuffed a fossa before(as you do) and stumbled across the other stuffed animal pictures that have gone wrong.Easy really.When you find yourself confined to the house your mind wanders,,,,,,,,

    1. Thank goodness there was a “logical” explanation Bob…I did consider the possibility that you were on medication after your wee bump. 😉

      The picture is real! It’s of Maisie taken by The Cupcake Queen (my sister-in-law). Maisie and her brother Murphy were chasing detergent bubbles around the garden when the photo was taken. It wasn’t until they saw it on the big screen they realised that 2 bubbles had lined up with the eyes. No photoshop involved. It’s such a pity it was taken on low-res as I can’t blow it up past about 200 x 150.

      Ok you can go back to mind wandering mode now. 😀

  5. Roy Rodger Had His horse stuffed after death. He said it was a comfort and a handy place to hang his Jackets and hat . Just a thought if Maisie and murphy go Ken :0)…..I thought you were getting in some practice with that photo,my mistake .Mind you They,d make a fine conversation peice placed either side of your front door………

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