Photo Gallery – Care and Sorrow

There were a few photos that didn’t make it into the previous post…so here’s a wee gallery.

Just to smooth it along I’ve uploaded a relaxing piece of music to go along with it.  Click on the play button – then on the first photo to start a manual click-along slide show.  😀

“Leaving Stour”  Duncan Chisholm


or if you prefer – here’s the link for a slideshow at Flickr


3 thoughts on “Photo Gallery – Care and Sorrow”

  1. A great place for photographs Ken.Like the curved road and castle picture best of all.Thats a cracker.Almost looks like a special effects camera shot.

    1. I was really pleased with that “fish eye” look, Bob. Couldn’t believe my luck. It was only when I looked at the camera screen I realised what I had! A great place for photos. All in all I’d have been better hanging around the glen and the castle with the camera rather than attempting the hill! 😆

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