Maisie and The Meikle Bin – Gallery

Such was the demand for still photos from the video (Mark!) I have created a wee gallery, including a couple of shots that weren’t on the original.  To soothe your delicate sensibilities after the Martyn Bennett soundtrack to the video I’ve included a restful wee tune by Tony McManus (guitar) and Alain Genty – Dr. Stan Chapman’s Jig.  I’m afraid the two are not linked so start the music and then have a wee look at the photos.  😀


   Dr. Stan Chapman’s Jig



7 thoughts on “Maisie and The Meikle Bin – Gallery”

  1. Ahh..very restful. And – as much as I don’t like to say ‘I told you so’ – I told you so: these pictures are well worth lingering over. The camera (and the cameraman) have done very well with the telephoto shots. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Mark 😆

      As long as you enjoyed them…never mind me putting in hours and hours of extra work so that the one person who complained got to see still photos! 😉

      They came out pretty well considering camera size…and the WIND! 😯

    1. Meikle Bin always seems to give a pleasant amble. I must have a go from that side – only ever walked up from Todholes.

    1. Thanks Andy…the tune was to pacify Mark 😆 After the weird track accompanying the video he was a bit shaky!

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