I hadn’t anticipated deconstructed barstools…but that’s what they were.  I stared at the proffered distinctly un-barstool-like boxes with blatant disapproval.  The poor sod in charge of the warehouse had seen it all before and stood there, eyes carefully averted for fear of making face-withering contact.

“Everything comes like that now…it’s all about making it easy for transportation.” he muttered apologetically.

I pointed imperiously to the rear of the tank.  He slunk around the back and carefully loaded the two miserably rectangular boxes into the large space normally occupied by The Fatdog.

“Soddin’ flatpack!”  😦



That was two weeks ago.



Today the ultimate in unexpected flatpack arrived.  It was J and I’s Christmas present to each other.

Today we welcomed the flatpack…PIANO!   😯


4 thoughts on “FLATPACK (Spit!)”

  1. And, these bar stools. Are they still boxed? Or do they now reside in wobbly splendour in Maisie’s new kitchen? Will you be able to balance the broadening backside thereupon to finish off that half bottle at last?

    I have friends in Yorkshire with a flat-pack piano – it is a mighty beast! Concert grand / harpsichord / string section… All it needs is Eric Morcambe to play it.

    1. Those towering edifices now reside in the new kitchen. Sadly every time we reach for the half bottle the momentum causes rotation of the bar stool which in turn drags the hand away from the bottle. I have sent for a small fishing net – which will, no doubt, come flatpacked! 😦

      Sadly the playing here does not even reach the classic Les Dawson standard!

        1. Flatpack Piano was assembled within the hour Mr.P so there are regretably no photos…nor even a soundtrack of the swearing involved in the erection process. The main part was bloody heavy I can tell you!

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