The Arrival of Hurricane Bawbag

I spent this morning tucking away anything in the garden that might opt to take flight in the face of the promised 80mph winds scheduled to give us a good skelping throughout the day.  As I write (16.44) the wind is howling through vents (and the odd dodgy window) but so far the garden contents are holding firm.

The lights have been flickering all afternoon which means the power supply is considering the possibility of a wee rest – but so far so good.  FD is curled up asleep on her rug in the lounge totally oblivious to the storm raging outside.

Normally we’d be in Stirling for our weekly evening shopping trip…but sod that for a game of soldiers.  Just as well because the radio tells tales of the M9 motorway at Stirling having various closures due to fallen trees, toppled lorries etc.  Sounds a bit rough on the roads.

The Scottish dark sense of humour is coming out in the Twitter trend of #hurricanebawbag .  Courtesy of Sheila here’s the link for the STV site with some wonderful comments.  Worth having a wee peek.


8 thoughts on “The Arrival of Hurricane Bawbag”

  1. Haud yer wheest, Ken! My reputation as a ‘Lady’ has gone richt oot the windae (and is it any wonder with this wee breeze?) ! As if I’d use such language! 😉

    My favourite comments from that article include:

    “It cannae be that bad. There’s still wee men in bunnets sparkin up outside pubs the length o Leith Walk. #hurricanebawbag” MediaCom_Murray

    “Only Scottish people would get #hurricanebawbag trending. You may take our garden furniture, but you’ll never take our patter!” MairiMcKay

    “BREAKING: #scotstorm is rated as “awfally blowie” on the Wee Wifie scale. The WW scale runs from “huffin” tae “haud oantae ma breeks” :-)” coilleduine

    1. Sheila – I in no way implied that you were the author of such vulgar scribblings…you did however share them, quite enthusiastically, I may add. I am sure that is considered quite acceptable “ladylike” behaviour…in the north east. 😉 😆

      Those were my favourites as well. 😀

  2. Hi Ken, you know what, after 40 hours without electricity due to Hurricane Bawbag, that moniker is one of the more politer terms I’ve used over the past two days!

    The lack of heat throughout the house (except beside the cosy Rayburn stove) and the general upheaval with the kitchen ripped out and the new one sitting in boxes which were were unable to build due to lack of power. led to frayed tempers. I hate shopping, but I *had* to make a run to the shops, to get more candles and, more importantly, extensive supplies of chocolate. And booze!

    BTW Inversnecky is not the northeast. Call it the far north, heck even call it Teucther-land, but we’re not north-east! 😉 Those north-east fowks spik funny.

    1. Do I detect a touch tetchyness brought on by power deprivation, Sheila 😉 Actually, I didn’t realise there was electricity beyond Perth…superb, congratulations….when did it get there? 😆 See…I resisted doing a teuchter joke….so proud of myself. 😀

      I just typed Inversnecky into google earth…and it took me to a cafe in Aberdeen. 😯 Then I checked in Google…and discovered my error – Inverness! Didn’t know that, though I was sure you’d mentioned Inverness before. That’s still the North East. Above Perth there’s the North West and the North East. As only sheep live in the north west Inverness, as a city, must therefore be in the North East…simples (tchkk)

      Glad to hear (on Facebook) that you’ve got power back on. 😀

      1. Ken. Imagine tetchyness brought on by undertaking DIY with one’s partner… plus trying to prepare meals in a gutted kitchen that holds nothing except for a kitchen sink, a stove, the kitchen table and an old dresser with 5% of the usual crockery, pans, foods etc… plus falling over boxes of flat-pack units filling up the living room and hallway unable to be built due to needing power tools… plus no power. No heat – except for by the stove and no light except for that cast by our head torches as we moved from room to room. Ah, what fun. 😉

        You know, some folks go awa to bothies to burn wid, to sit in the candlelight, to go to the lavvy by torchlight and sleep in a cold room! Ha!

        Now, as for your geography, well I think ye need a trip north to discover the delights of the city of the ‘Sneck which is in the centre of northern Scotland – neither east, nor west! 😉

        1. Having had kitchen disruption for a month just recently you have my sympathy. Most of downstairs was a tip for that period making doing anything a nightmare. Thankfully we still had power.

          Coincidence – I was winding up MrP on another post about bothy life.

          It’s a few years since we stopped in Inverness – the last time I was climbing over the parapet in the middle of the Kessock Bridge (1997) which must have given a few motorists a bit of a turn. I was climbing down a ladder to a big platform below I would add – not ending it all! : shock: 😉 Mind you it was one of those “take a deep breath” moments!

  3. I was going to go down to the coast to take some action pictures of it reaching land but my fences front and back had other ideas and I used up nine six foot posts and a lot of screws keeping them together and upright.Parts of them just snapped in two along with my lilac tree.First time that,s happened.I can now see the nudist colony living next door.Puts me off my breakfast!

    1. Bad luck Bob 😦

      Although the motorway near Stirling appeared to be a target for trees and overturned vehicles we didn’t seem to have much damage around here. The usual couple of fences flattened (that get flattened anytime anything more than a breeze picks up) and a few tree branches lost. The local country park lost a couple of trees (that I found) but, all in all, fairly tame.

      The must be hardy types, your nudists, if they’re putting you off breakfast. Unless, of course, you’ve moved your table to a position with a better view. 😀

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