The Worst Possible Timing

Yesterday I sent an email to an old hillwalking buddy to see if he fancied tackling a few easy walks and, coincidentally, posted my first Looking Back article in which G featured.  Today an email came back from his wife to say that Graeme had died suddenly on the 11th of last month.

Sometimes coincidences aren’t as happy as we would like.

You were a great guy Graeme…if there’s an afterlife I hope it has mountains.

Graeme and Maisie near the summit of Meall nan Tarmachan 2007

4 thoughts on “The Worst Possible Timing”

  1. Sorry to hear that Ken – a real shock when the news comes like that. You expect a cheery e-mail with some ideas for a day out and then you get a bombshell like that. Very sad indeed. Serves to remind us all that life can be all too short sometimes

    1. Thanks Andy, it was a shock. Graeme was, I think, a couple of years younger than me but he had underlying health problems. I never knew what exactly they were but I always suspected they were fairly serious. I used to have that wee bit of anxiety every time we went out 😆 but never grudged him the company even though I suspected I might have to carry him off the hill one day.

      After meeting regularly on local dogwalks we started hillwalking together in 2006 until he had problems with his foot in 2007. We met about 6 weeks ago and decided we would more or less start again – he was out of practice, my legs were crocked and FD by now had arthritis – but there was a good feeling of starting all over again. So his passing feels sad on a lot of levels.

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