…and One of Life’s Better Coincidences

Jeremy Clarkson Calls For Strikers To Be Shot

(Edited from SKY NEWS)


The BBC has been forced to apologise after Jeremy Clarkson said he would like to see striking public sector workers “shot” in front of their families.

The Top Gear presenter made his comments on BBC’s The One Show on the evening
of Britain’s biggest public sector strikes in 30 years.

He said of the strikers: “I’d have them all shot. I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families.

“I mean, how dare they go on strike when they’ve got these gilt-edged pensions that are going to be guaranteed while the rest of us have to work for a living.”

Author Tony Parsons  tweeted: “Jeremy Clarkson has misjudged the moment. Criticising striking public sector workers today is like sieg-heiling at Last Night of the Proms.”

“Clarkson should apologise. And the Prime Minister should make clear he disassociates himself from the distasteful remarks uttered by one of his friends.”



Two names in the final paragraph of a news report and a another coincidence comes to light.

We were staying in the Cotswolds for a couple of days in October at one of our favourite B&Bs – The Old School at Little Compton.  Wendy, who owns the B&B, suggested we eat at The Fox Inn in Lower Oddington.  We’d eaten there the year before…a pretty olde worlde pub with decent food.  As we were heading out the door she mentioned that it was frequented by a few well known faces that we might recognise if we kept a look out.  She just happened to mention that this was both Jeremy Clarkson’s and David Cameron’s “local”.

So…was this JC outburst a pre-planned piece of ill thought out spin hatched by the conniving twosome in the dark, drunken, recesses of the “snug” or did The PM pinch JC’s nuts and this was just a bit of getting one’s own back?


7 thoughts on “…and One of Life’s Better Coincidences”

    1. Exactly that! 😀

      Though strictly speaking that wasn’t gilt edged pension money – that was the brown paper bag’s worth that they used from their slush fund to bribe me to go 😯 I suppose it was a last resort after finding that appealing to my better nature and begging me to “do the right thing” didn’t work. 😀

  1. Personally, I’d have them both shot. I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families. Clarkson and Cameron that is.
    Only joking! Hilarious isn’t it. Can I have my own tv show? How come some poor sap can tweet something about blowing up an airport (have I remembered that right?) and end up in prison, but a loathsome bigot like Clarkson still gets BBC airtime and cash? When did Clarkson get a job?

    1. Now there’s a coincidence.

      The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation is currently on the look out for a controversial presenter prepared to risk a few days in jail (or a bit of public vilification) to forward their journalistic career.

      Fancy a job Mark?

      We are interviewing in next week or so. At present I believe there is only one other candidate who has applied for the position and we will be interviewing him when he returns from China.


  2. To answer your original question: neither. It was a bit of edgy humour which sounds much worse than it was when quoted out of context. But which was still probably OTT. It would be interesting if Ken were to run the transcript of the entire interview and see if readers views of the final comments remained the same. (Sadly I suspect they would as few people care to have their preconceptions challenged by the facts.)

    For the record I consider Clarkson to be a big mouthed, over paid, narrow minded lout; but that doesn’t prevent me from feeling that on this occasion he has received a bum rap.

  3. I have to agree with Mr.P on this one…up to a point.

    Prior to the infamous quotation JC did use the words “BBC and balance” more than once. He said what he did like about the strike day, then went off into his punchline/tirade depending on your viewpoint. A contrived balance of a sort. Oddly the end rant didn’t offend me particularly…it was no worse than a typical Frankie Boyle performance.

    So..taken on that level alone I agree with Mr.P.

    Bum Rap? I think not. The tone of his responses throughout the whole interview suggested that he despised the public sector and it was obvious he was, very clumsily I would add, preparing the ground for his coup de grace. On balance I reckon his ending was probably his exaggerated standpoint on the subject – delivered in an extreme right wing manner specifically designed to add to his perceived kudos.

    I actually blame the BBC for interviewing someone on a live show who was always going to be controversial on that subject given the nature of his tv persona. What we should be asking is – “who decided to ask the question?”. Then sack that person on the grounds of incompetence.

    Ironically my not inconsiderable wrath was reserved for the leader of the trade union, Unison.

    Her response, in her (over-exaggerated) intensely – earnest – voice, verged on the ludicrous. Using Clarkson’s remarks as if they were based on some political reality she implied that some members would now be terrified, wondering when the knock on the door would come. Clarkson’s remarks should have been ignored and as little publicity as possible given to the affair.

    Sadly, I suspect it is publicity alone that is at the heart of this particular matter…and not just for the buffoon himself. 😦

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