Blog Update 28 November 2011

As promised the pace of change is beginning to pick up here at the Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation.  The “front page” has a new look with the most recent posts lurking in their own display case at the top of the page.  As a mark of the Corporation’s commitment to the blog we have acquired the address making our URL

There is an ongoing programme of consolidation where we hope to integrate our trial food blog – Anyone for Porridge – into Where the Fatdog Walks.  However, the mechanics of how this is to be achieved have still to be determined.  At present posts under this heading can be found in the Anyone for Porridge category in the menu bar.

The prominent category menu bar is in the process of revision to enable the reader to find specific groups of posts depending upon their own specific interests.  As the nature of future posts may be more “variable” than in the past this feature may prove useful to those easily offended by walks of zero ascent gain or stricken by particular food revulsions.

In future longer posts will be assigned their own full width page (where possible) to improve appearance and readability – and talking of longer posts; in lieu of any form of salary/pension/backhanders whatsoever, MrP’s mountain adventures will be given prominence in their own highly prestigious slot in the menu bar – Simon’s Outdoor Broadcasts.

A new story from our most intrepid junior reporter is in the paws of the editor as we speak.   FD does appear, however, to have issues as regards the photographic content of MrP’s reports…specifically MrP’s now infamous “summit photos of self”.

I agreed with FD that small children may be reading and would have been prepared to leave out such photographs on that basis, However, I baulked at the more controversial reason put forward that MrP was not black….hairy and in possession of a wet shiny nose!   I detected a hint of jealousy behind someone’s protestations.  At present the “cutting room floor” is heaped with shredded film and text…all with very large teeth marks.

On behalf of the team at The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation welcome to the new look blog.


4 thoughts on “Blog Update 28 November 2011”

  1. A corporate re-branding exercise if ever I saw one. Don’t be ashamed of of origins and lose your sense of identity (you’ve already lost that raison d’etre thingy). Look what happened to Opal Fruits and Marathon bars

    Like the new look

    1. We change our identity like M&S change their food packaging. Still the same old stuff inside…if only we could remember what it was. 😦 😉

    1. Yep…I’ll probably have to find a way to stop it moving before it drives us all nuts! 🙄

      The map background was in honour of MrP’s most excellent post. 😀

      I’m thinking about changing it to suit what happens to be the “main feature” at that time. Though I have to admit I quite like the idea of the car-toe-graf-fick background. No doubt I’ll have the Ordnance Survey lawyers on my tail soon. 😦

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