F.B.C. Staff Kitchen Upgrade Completed!

Some four weeks have passed since the post intimating the loss of our “raison d’être”.  Sadly we still haven’t found the little bugger so we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s either escaped through the bars of its cage or been “borrowed” by person or persons unknown.  Given the former is somewhat unlikely this now means a painstaking trawl through all of your blogs – yes yours – until we find the culprit.

On a brighter note the new kitchen at The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation staff canteen is now fully operational after a month of culinary hell.  The all-pervading Stygian darkness which permanently enveloped the old kitchen has been banished to whatever netherworld formed part of its belief system and in its place is a gleaming palace of eternal light…or at least that’s what the brochure says.  As part of this glorious transformation a door became a window – and a window became a very large hole in the wall as the new kitchen marched through the newly formed gap into the back garden.  While this total re-vamp improved the look of the kitchen no end it has still, most regretably,  to have an effect on the quality of the food produced.

Here’s a quick look at the “Before” and “After” photos.  To avoid confusion “Before” on the left and “After” on the right.  😀

On an even brighter note than that of the completion of the kitchen – The Fatdog’s hobbling has lessened dramatically as her joint supplements have kicked in.  Today she asked for her ball to be thrown and happily chased after it for a few minutes at the nearby country park.  This is a major improvement…so fingers crossed.  Even I have seen an improvement this week with the ache beginning to recede from my right calf.  Ok it still is present in the rest of the leg but again this is a major step as stairs become less of a pain.  Hopefully we’ll get a decent walk  this week to see how we are both shaping up and give me an idea what might be possible for us to achieve in the coming month.

On the blogging front we ain’t making a lot of headway into developing a new direction.  There have been a couple of ideas kicking about but I’ve yet to assess their long term viability.  The disruption caused by a month of  kitchen re-construction was not conducive to creative writing…only writing where the phrase “Oh bugger!” would have cropped up on a regular basis.  This manifestation of irritation and despair was my regular companion as I searched for yet another missing item in the morasse covering the dining room floor that once constituted my kitchen.  Thankfully that inconvenience is now but a thing of the past – so at last we can get down to more serious matters…like writing infinite pages of self-indulgent drivel. 😀


18 thoughts on “F.B.C. Staff Kitchen Upgrade Completed!”

  1. It’s a very sad reflection on my middle aged years that I now hold conversations in earnest about worktops, colour schemes and cupboard layouts (I had my kitchen done a couple of years ago) – and enjoy them! I need to get out more.

    Good to hear the Fatdog and her trusty sidekick are doing much better – I haven’t hoovered under my sofa for a couple of years – your raison d’etre might be down there with the unspeakable horrors I always discover when I do

    1. “Oh Goody!” Someone to talk kitchens with! 😀

      If you could have a quick hoover I’d be eternally grateful…then you come and hoover our sofas…and Maisie’s basket…and… 😉

  2. That kitchen looks lovely. (Why is the sink so far from the hob though? and the light switches look a little close to the sink too….) I noticed a half-drunk bottle! I haven’t seen a half drunk bottle for years!

    You’ll need to start banging out some wondrous scoff before too long Ken, or there’ll be questions.

    1. Thanks Alan – Couldn’t put the sink closer without compromising the necessary free worktop work space near the hob. There was also the matter of taking out the window and cutting the remaining wall down to floor level to create the “West Wing”. As a result the sink ended up where you see it…though I have to say it works pretty well as below the draining board is the dishwasher and left of that the big drawers where the crockery is kept.

      Keep your eyes off the half drunk bottle…that’s my soon to be drunk half drunk bottle!

      I have high hopes of a vast improvement in the standard of cuisine. Just now I’m blaming the fact that I can’t find anything anymore…even though it was me who re-populated the cupbards and drawers. 😦

  3. I think Bob may concur with Alan with regard to the electrical socket and it`s proximity to the sink.
    He packed it in because of all the regulations that had to be observed 🙂
    Nice kitchen though Ken.
    Who is Linzi and why does she suck ? Does she know that she`s famous on the internet ?.Had a peek at your fridge door 🙂
    Feel free to delete.!

    1. The switch board is in its original position . Oddly, its not that much closer than it was before the sink moved. 😆

      Ah…you’ve noticed the magic letters that were forever changing on the fridge door as siblings and cousins exchanged personal messages. I think the last entry was by Neff2 who decided to irritate his older cousin. Linzi is our daughter – aka The Bleating Sheep.

  4. Good to see some new posts appearing. I was beginning to worry that senility may have set in.

    And yes, I am aware of my obligations as a junior contributor and will get straight back to work sir.

    1. I’m well past the senility stage now, MrP. 😀

      You’ll be pleased to hear that a new post is currently being written. FD and I have been out and about…hopefully the start of a new approach. 😯

      “Ah…I see your latest manuscript has arrived on my desk for perusal. Good work P!”

  5. ‘infinite pages of self-indulgent drivel’
    Looking forward to it! That’s what we all aspire to it isn’t it?
    Nice kitchen. We had ours done last year and….aaargggh, don’t get me started!

    1. The kitchen was a fairly painless operation…fortunately…just a lengthy process! Glad it’s finished though.

      Wish I could remember where I’ve put things though! 😦

  6. Lovely kitchen there, Ken. You fit that yourself? How’d you like a trip up north to Inverness? Oh, and whilst you’re here there’s a flat-pack kitchen you could play with! 😉 No? Och well I’d better ‘remind’ Mr swanscot again that this kitchen *has* to be finished before christmas – or else I’m going off to find a fancy hotel to stay in and not coming back until it’s done!!

    1. Left the hard work to J’s sister’s husband – it’s what he does for a living.

      Good luck with the kitchen…I shudder when I think how long ours took to do. Hope your new stove is behaving. That range would heat our whole house on its own!

      1. You said:”That range would heat our whole house on its own!”

        That is what it is doing here! We don’t have any other form of central heating, so if I don’t get myself into gear and fetch and carry logs, we don’t have heating!

        1. Ah…I made the assumption you had radiators working from it Sheila. In our house you certainly wouldn’t need the radiators – sit that range of yours anywhere near our hall and that would be the whole house warm – instantly. It’s a modern house and I have to say well insulated. Noticed a big difference after moving from our old victorian house.

          1. Oh, you meant entirely on it’s own. You’re right we do have radiators off it to heat the rest of the house. It doesn’t give our as much heat as the old stove – you can change the arrangement of the fire bricks so more of the heat goes to the heating system. Our house is an extended but’n’ben ~120 -150 years old.

            Anyway, our new kitchen is nothing on the scale of yours. Just a few new cabinets to fit and keeping some of the old stuff and a redecoration.

            I’m glad to hear you and FatDog’s aches and pains have lessened slightly.

            1. Thanks Sheila…with Maisie seeming to be moving much better we’ll maybe tackle a short hill day, not to steep…and definitely no bog! 😆 Seeing she’s moving ok I only have to worry about me managing the hill – as opposed to worrying about both of us! 😉 Oddly a light covering of snow will help as it will cushion both our legs on the descent.

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