A Gentle Stroll up an Inclined Path


The monochrome fiasco that was last week’s main feature has seen ratings plummet here at The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation.  In an attempt to halt the catastrophic decline in viewing figures our intrepid production team has taken the proverbial bull by the horns (and other parts of its anatomy liable to cause a somewhat more intense, debilitating, pain) and once more limped, hobbled and lurched out into the wilderness that is rural Perthshire to bring you, the viewer, those much sought after autumn colours.  Or, putting it another way – “at this time of year Perthshire is ablaze in shades of red, brown and gold as leaves fall and glorious autumn takes hold.

We opted not to go hillwalking, The Fatdog and I.  We merely set our step up a continually inclined path.

The sub-tropical jungle of rural Pethshire…it was about 2 deg C.


The local “Posh House”


The Editor had thought that the “coal face” jobs were a thing of the past.


“Ahem…at this time of year Perthshire is ablaze in shades of red, brown and gold as leaves fall and glorious autumn takes hold. “


We don’t just bring you technicolour here at The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation. Oh no!


Having reached our vantage point and scoffed a couple of brioche rolls filled with duck paté it was time to wander back to the car.  Much to our surprise the remainder of our walk continued in a downwards direction.

So…which hill did we not climb?  Anyone?


26 thoughts on “A Gentle Stroll up an Inclined Path”

  1. I did enjoy the monochrome photos of last week. Reminds me of a friend in Colorado who sent photos of his veritable backyard park in every Fall color imaginable one day last week, and that very night brought almost 2 feet of snow. Here today… gone tomorrow! Your photos today do overshadow those of your friend, but both are fine with me! You have such a wonderful area for taking spectacular shots. I think they’re spectacular regardless of season, but Fall is my personal favorite season for everything it offers…. including foods. When your kitchen is finished, I expect to see many “Foodie Fotos” and stories.

    1. The kitchen is just about complete Florene 😀 . I’ll post a few pics when it’s done. In the next week or so I’ll be re-opening “Anyone for Porridge” again…there just hasn’t been the time to keep both blogs going in the past few months. I used my new piece of kitchen kit for the first time today. As ” The Mother of All Blenders” surged into action to blitz the Broccoli and Dolcelatte soup it roared like a Ferrari! 😯 Exciting times. 😆

      1. Oh, blenders….. I have one still in use that was a wedding gift in 1958. It’s a Hamilton Beach, and the base is heavy as if it were made of lead. Some years ago I bought a new blade, but everything else is original equipment. I think it’s lasted so long because its 1981 companion Cuisinart food processor took some of the load off poor old Hamilton. I used that Cuisinart today, in fact.

        1. With the new kitchen we’re taking the opportunity to replace a few things that have been around for a while. J and I were just discussing replacing our food mixer. Not being a baker I hadn’t used it much over the years. I was astonished when J told me it had been a wedding present. The thing was 33 years old. I thought it was looking a bit scruffy. 😀

    1. That’s the limit – would be more like it Alan. 😀

      I think it was about a 5km round trip with 300m of ascent (with a path). Don’t see us doing much more than that.

      Maisie’s camera skills have been improving since she realised that, using the autofocus setting, she could hold the remote in her jaws and thus reduce camera shake. Sadly we are on our 6th camera remote as she keeps swallowing them. 😦 At least she’s not swallowing the cameras anymore. 😀

  2. I don’t know which hill you went up, but I think your photos are gorgeous. In fact, I’d go so far as to say at this time of year Perthshire is ablaze in shades of red, brown and gold as leaves fall and glorious autumn takes hold. Hey, maybe you could tell the Tourist Board they can use that for their promotional stuff 😉

    1. Thanks Sheila 😀 . The tourist board can think up their own slogans thank you very much! I’ve written about our adventures in Perthshire for 5 years now…and it’s taken me 5 years to come up with that one.

  3. Nice photos. I’ve no idea which hill you were on, but it wasn’t the one we were on (Ben Vorlich). It was a great day to be out. 😀

    1. If it was Ben Voriich (Loch Earn) you were on Tessa then, from what I saw coming back down the A9, it looks as if you were looking down on the clouds as well. 😀 It was a crackin’ day – unless you stayed in the deep valleys!

      1. Yes, it was the Loch Earn one – no inversion though (just patchy cloud to the West). That was our bogey hill so it was nice to break the jinx. 😀

        1. That’s weird Tessa. When I saw it from the A9 (about 3pm) it looked as if it was encircled by a solitary cloud with just the last 100m sticking above 😯 .

          Having said that 20 minutes later as I drove down from Keir Roundabout (nr Dunblane) towards the low ground west of Stirling it looked like Stirling Castle was sticking above the low cloud that had settled in the Forth Valley. 2 miles later on the low ground, and at the point closest to Stirling Castle, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen 😯

          Funny things clouds.

          Glad you’ve broken that jinx…it’s been a few years coming 😆 .

    1. Hi Andrew – thanks for dropping in and commenting 😀 .

      In truth most of the really bright autumn colours had gone. I was having to make do with the various shades of brown eg red-brown, gold brown etc., that exist before it all goes mud-brown. 😦 . Still it’s amazing what a bit of blue sky can do for a photo.

      Today in Larbert it has been non-stop fog! Grey, grey and even more grey!

  4. Looks like Newtyle Hill near Dunkeld. No matter what hill it is they are lovely photos Ken.
    You must have been the subject to the usual blanket that tends to sit over the Central Belt `cos it was glorious here today …up until sunset when the fog descended anyway 🙂
    Nio grey blankets for me this week because I`ll probably be in Spain in a few days time 🙂


    1. Not a bad guess Alex…but incorrect 😀 .

      Forth-Clyde valley always cops it for fog…and we have the River Carron as well. We don’t usually have full days of it though but it certainly made an exception today. It was close to dark by 4pm.

      Have a good time in Spain…lucky devil! 😀

  5. Ken,

    I suspect it was Birram Hill and could the posh house be Rohallion Castle?

    Lovely colours.

    Glad to see you both are still moving.


  6. Well done Mr Beales! 😀 Birnam Hill it was. I think the house is Rohallion Lodge. We missed the path to the ruin(?) of the castle 😦 .

    We’re sort of moving, intermittently would be a fair description 😆 .

    How is life in the bear pit? Quiet after I left no doubt 😀 .

  7. Ken

    I’ve been rumbled!

    The bear pit is as you remember it – sh**e! It is amazing the number of cock-ups and disasters which are being blamed on a former member!


  8. Nice inversion effect Ken.Not been up Birnam hill myself. See…There,s still good times to be enjoyed on the little hills.I was up a 300 footer last week which was my high point of the day!
    Had a fantastic time.Mons hill it were.

    1. That was about our limit Bob. Luckily no twinges until we were on the way down. Maisie was fine…she hobbled a bit going up but near the top her tablet kicked in and was a happy, non-limping, beastie on the way back down. I’ve never heard of Mons Hill – must go and look it up. 😀

  9. So near and yet so far 🙂
    The woman who owns Rohallion has her own blog out there.
    Did you know that there is no @ sign on a Spanish keyboard ?
    No wonder the Eurozone is a complete failure 🙂
    Been too hot for much in the way of hills this last few days and,to be honest,I prefer the Scottish ones..

    1. I should have been more generous in dishing out points Alex – seeing you were so close 😆 .

      Hot? I remember that word…never applies to our weather though 😦 .

      Have a good holiday 😀

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