A Pig in a Poke

Want to by someone a present?

Why not adopt a pig.  😀

The recipient of this thoughtful gift can name the pig, visit the big beastie at the farm and be sent emails on their pets progress.

The great benefit about this present is that you can give it to someone you really don’t like because , much to their surprise, after 6 months Piggy will arrive on their doorstep all chopped up into its various edible cuts.  Much classier than a horses head on the pillow!



4 thoughts on “A Pig in a Poke”

  1. “Pig in a Poke” over here is such an old saying I’m not sure most younger folks know what it means. I heard it a lot at home in my youth, and assumed it was from our South. Nay! I
    Googled it, and added to my already overstuffed trivia storage. Origin is French, with
    current usage in Scotland. How about that.


    I couldn’t even raise chickens for food…. maybe I could if starvation were the alternative.
    No, I’d just have the eggs! Every animal I encounter would become a pet…. even a pig.

    1. That phrase has been in common usage here as far back as I can recall Florene. Buying a pig in a poke usually referred to buying something unseen with no idea as to its quality.

      On the chicken front last week we stayed at a B&B where the owner raised rare breed chickens – hilarious creatures they were, full of personality.

  2. That has to be the coolest present idea I have ever come across. Indeed, in the all comers coolest ideas stakes it is up there with zen motor cycling and … er … yes, well, never mind. But very cool.

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