Toffee Factory Finally Comes Unstuck

The economic downturn has led to a famous local institution finally meeting a sticky end.  Stenhousemuir’s “toffee factory”, once known throughout Scotland for its fabled bars with the famous highland coo wrapper, has finally closed with the loss of 100 jobs.

Many a resident of Scotland’s central belt will no doubt shed a tear for its demise.  They will no doubt also shed a tear for the fortune they’ve spent on their visits to the dentist ever since sookin’ on yon big lumps o’ carmelised sugar and other such teeth rotting dainties.

It is a sad fact that the local football team, Stenhousemuir Football Club (The Warriors) whose park lies next to the factory, have for ever been doomed to haunt the lower divisions of Scottish football.  The expression “cannae play fur toffee!” may very well have originated at this humble wee ground.


4 thoughts on “Toffee Factory Finally Comes Unstuck”

  1. Damn ! I was just going to write a bit about that.You beat me in the fast draw contest Ken.
    Mind you its your neck of the woods:0)
    It,ll be a sad loss to the area.Last time I had a Wham Bar or Taste of Highland Toffee though I was still at Primary school.Maybe that was part of the problem.Still like those white coated bon bons.

    1. I used to live about 500m away from the place, Bob. 😀 I now live a massive 1200m away 😆 . I like my toffee! When we stayed at the old house on Main St. I remember going to work, accompanied by the smell of toffee as I drove past the factory. Yoiu could tell what was being made by the smell.

      I was trying to remember if McCowans also made the 1d and 1/2d caramels that we all used to live on…but it’s too long ago. 😦

  2. I don’t suppose you’d be living on Main Street when I was living in Steps Street. Nahh. My Mum used to take me down Tryst Road in my pram.Didn’t the factory used to be further along towards the Carronshore end of the village ?

    1. Lived on Main St 1985 – 1999 (newcomers). As far as I know it was always at Tryst Road but I’m not Stenny born and bred 😀 .

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