Torridon Unravelled

Once more the Fates conspire.


On Monday night the Legs declared that Torridon was off.  A petition was handed in to the Brain demanding the immediate cancelation  of any plans that involved, or might involve, the ascent of anything greater than a worm caste.  Faced with no other obvious method of reaching the summits already pencilled in for the weekend, the Brain conceded defeat and pulled the plug on the Youth Hostel Booking.   Mr.P will now be cooking his own dinner.

On the Monday morning The Fatdog and I had gone to Plean Country Park to forage for ingredients for the Friday night Hostel dinner.


Mushroom Risotto - anyone?

12 thoughts on “Torridon Unravelled”

    1. Never did get Spike Milligan, OM.

      Best line was the one on his headstone, apparently written in Gaelic, as the English was too offensive for the Church.

      “I told you I was ill.”

      😯 😆

  1. A reasonable and considerate human being would travel up to Torridon and do the cooking anyway for a friend 🙂

    I`m pleased to note that I can now view your blog in it`s awe inspiring full width mode on my new monitor 🙂

    On a sadder note my wife`s car is currently marooned and lying at a rather jaunty angle on the driveway as the bloody thing slipped off the jack this morning when I was changing the wheel.
    I`ve been busy taking photos of it so far but I suppose I had better put my mind as to how I`m going to get it back up on four legs again 🙂

    1. You are now fortunate beyond measure Alex :D. My blog on the big screen!

      Reasonable and considerate eh! I’ll go get my dictionary.

      Tough about your wife’s car. I expect your ears will be sore for the foreseeable future. Skyhooks…work every time :D.

  2. You didn’t *eat* those weird looking things, did you? That might explain the sudden paralysis of body parts (in the ‘leg’ division, to the tune of two) and talking to yourself…

    Mind you, you would get a better class of conversation than hanging around here just to get dogs’ abuse.

    I’ll leave you with your mushrooms.Poor Mr. P.

    1. Foraged “mushrooms” – suggest that and nobody will ask you to do the cooking…ever!

      As for eating them…naw…I only like the bright red ones with the white sprinkles. 😯

  3. Ken – they look like inkcaps. I have eaten inkcaps, fried in butter with some garlic. Very nice. But I can’t say I would recommend that you should do so on my say so since I’m a bit rubbish and mushrooms and toadstools. Besides which they will have almost certainly liquified by now into a black sticky mess – hence the name ‘inkcap’.

  4. “A reasonable and considerate human being would travel up to Torridon and do the cooking anyway for a friend.” Hear, hear.

    “Worm caste”? Is that what you are reborn into if you are a disrespectful untouchable? (I have always done a fine line in Hindu jokes, oh yes.)

    1. If you had a better line in Buddhist jokes you would have been a damn site more respectful towards worms and their social structure. 😉

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