Maisie’s 100th Marilyn

The Fatdog reached a milestone today – her 100th Marilyn!

A great day on White Coomb 😀

My thanks to Billy, Des, Ed and Mick for their company and for pandering to Maisie’s lunch fetish…not forgetting the celebratory round of applause on the summit of White Coomb.

A great day out with grand company on a fine hill…hillwalking at its best.


A “Tail” and lots of photos to follow.


10 thoughts on “Maisie’s 100th Marilyn”

    1. There’s not been many days like that recently Alex…and the half chances there have been…I’ve been too busy! 😆 So much for retirement making it easier to get out. My walking frequency is about the same as when I was working.

      Hopefully things will settle down in the next week or so and we start getting a few consecutive days settled weather – so we can all get out to play. 😀

    1. Mine, Billy’s, Des’s, Ed’s and Mick’s! 😆

      An extremely tolerant bunch of guys who we met on the trail learned what it’s like to have lunch with The Fatdog. 😀

    1. Thanks Carol :D,

      With both of us hobbling at times – it’s been necessary to revise our walking targets. Hence the sudden Marilyn count…I was determined we were getting to 100 of something! 😳

  1. Looking forward to the ‘tail’.
    So – resuming a topic from the comments on ‘Blood on the Tracks’ – Maisie has a spreadsheet too?
    I’m surprised that you can look the Cap’n in the eye!

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Mark but she doesn’t. It’s an easy count. Maisie has done 2 hills less than me – she didn’t get to go on the trip along the CMD arete which was just as well – she wasn’t nimble enough for that wee jaunt. The only two hills that I’ve done that Maisie hasn’t are Carn Mor Dearg and Ben Nevis.

      I don’t tell him about my spreadsheet…and my various tallies on other websites..and my list on Word…and…

  2. Having been outed by BTB as a bagger with spreadsheets I can confess that I logged the hiils my late companion Harry the Dog and he did 54 munros – bless him! He was a bagger at heart – just like his owner – I’m comforable with own baguality now

    1. You’re allowed to “bag”…just don’t “tick” (especially in an audible manner when passing a summit cairn)…or face the curse of Cap’n Jack. 😉

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