Meltdown – Contact Email

kenny@fatdogwalks appears to have vanished – Contact Email for the moment –

that’s only a part of the bad news.

Just switched Domains for a development website I’ve had for years.  Unfortunately a lot of photos (copies) were stored and linked from there for both my blogs and  The links have gone meaning that there are a lot of photoless “Tails” on various sites.  I’m attempting to see what can be done as the photos still exist in files at the original host – but I see a lot of work in front of me uploading hundreds of photos.

My apologies to anyone either having trouble contacting me or missing photos from posts.


4 thoughts on “Meltdown – Contact Email”

    1. Difficult to dispute to be fair. Maybe I should go for the more kingly “Kenneth” …my parents having named me after the first king of the Scots…at least I like to think so. In reality my dad was determined to break with the family tradition whereby the eldest male was called Matthew – mainly because the family traditionally reduced the name to “Matha” then promptly sent the poor sod down the pit.

    1. What’s in a name…eh. One email we have is “rockvile” – sounds narsty but our old house was called “Rockville” or so the gold lettering above the door said – I think the name went back to the late 1800’s. Unfortunately, when I first set up that email I could only have 8 letters in the address – so I dropped an (l). Rockwynd was made up from the first part of the old house name “rock” and “wynd” from the second half of the street name where we stay now. Simples (tchk)

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