Ok…so who’s the Snitch?

Yesterday an unsolicited email dropped into the kenny@fatdogwalks mailbox. Nothing unusual about that…but this one was from the Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine. Never had any contact with this organisation before…ever…never mind an email. So what was this all about?

The unexpected piece of correspondence was from their Small Animal Hospital Wellbeing Centre promoting it’s services. This obviously begged the question; was there a suspicion in their minds that The Fatdog was not, in fact, a well being and that “Where The Fatdog Walks” was the front for the unscrupulous and systematic over-feeding, not to mention general mistreating of gullible Labradors?

I flicked back through a number of The Fatdog “Tails” in search of potentially incriminating evidence. Too late to delete the site, I suppose.

Looks like the next group of emails will be from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, followed closely by those from the more extreme elements of the animal rights movement.

….so, who was the snitch?


12 thoughts on “Ok…so who’s the Snitch?”

    1. Fatdogs work on the basis of self interest – there is no way on Earth Fatdog would compromise its food supply. Looks like you’ll need to think again Alex. 😉

    1. Yes…you were my number one candidate OM. But then I reckoned you would be too busy riding that bicycle to cast nasturtiums. 😀

    1. Not enough pictures in the Guardian for Maisie. In fact she has been desolate since News of the World folded.

  1. Seems the GSVM would be a very unlikely hacking suspect, nor would they find a need to tap sources for additional patients. That IS rather weird. Could be some kind of hacking….. those
    scummy individuals know no bounds.

    Seems a friend of yours would be the most remote of suspects. I don’t like practical jokes one bit, but if that’s the case, it would be most unfortunate. Let us know if you ever discover the source.


  2. I suspect the blog title would be enough for any self respecting marketing consultant to latch on to. With the word “fat” in the title, closely followed by “dog” – I think we have our prime suspect, Florene 😆 . It’s either that or almost every blogger I know (including me)! We live to be a gross irritation. 😀

  3. Older readers will remember the Two Ronnies “Mastermind” sketch, where RC offered as his specialist subject “Answering the question before last”. (If not, youtube is your friend !)
    Due to the confusing, ever changing face of this blog, I appear to be in the same position.
    My comment about “riding a bike” was of course intended for the post about, wait for it, the bike. In which context, I’m sure you will agree, it was both amusing and insightful. In the context of Masie and the vet hospital, it made no sense whatsoever. Fortunately, no one noticed. Until now.

    When you make the next post,whatever the topic, please enter my comment that a recent pic of a sad looking dog in a muddy ditch may be in some way responsible.
    I’m glad that I’ve cleared that up.

    1. And here’s me thinking you were just being incredibly deep and clever. I’m soooooooooo disappointed.

  4. It’s probably an automatically generated message based on the keywords in the url of your site. Rubbish or lazy marketing companies use them all the time.

    1. Sadly the most likely candidate Adam though I do prefer to assume it was one of the reprobates who visit the blog on a regular basis. 😆

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