…10 years on.

Today I gave the Lean Mean Green Machine its first airing…up and down the cul-de-sac a few times.  For the first time in 10 years I was on the public highway (just) on a bike.  There is a video of this momentous event but, given that I didn’t fall off or even lurch significantly towards gardens or parked cars, it seemed fairly pointless putting it on the blog.  In fact after the work I’d done on a spin bike the past few years the whole process was fairly effortless.  The big test will come when I take it out onto the roads – and I have to figure out how to use the gazillions of gears that are provided.  Best of all it has a dinky little bell! 😀 (apparently, by law, its not allowed out of the bike shop without one 😯 )  Which reminds me I wish those a*******s who fly past me and The Fatdog on the footways had kept theirs on!


2 thoughts on “…10 years on.”

    1. It sort of happened by accident. I was looking at a new WordPress theme – the preview of my blog using it looked good so I thought I’d do a quick convert to see how it would work. Bloody thing wiped out all my feeds to everybody else’s blogs and various other things. At that stage I was as well keeping it. Decided to play about with the header – I expect that still has some way to go. Ultimate aim is to a bit more blog design using WordPress.org then switch over to my fatdogwalks.com domain. But that’s a few months away. I would think there will be a few more experiments before then.

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