Could this be the shortest “Tail” of all?


On Wednesday, July 20th, it rained.

It rained all bloody day.

It rained when we began our walk at the top of “The Rest and be Thankful”

It rained every step of the way up the Corbett, Ben Donich.

The Fatdog was ecstatic.

Cap’n Jack (a loather of warm summer weather) was elated.

I tried to look on the bright side.Β  At least I wasn’t going to be dehydrated.

It rained at the climb down, where The Fatdog’s ascent ended.

It rained as I reached the summit trig point.

It rained as I made my way back to where Cap’n Jack and The Fatdog were waiting for me at the top of the climb down.

It rained as Cap’n Jack made the down-scramble.

It rained as Cap’n Jack headed off into the mist to find the summit




…and now his mother tells me I’ve got to go back and find him!


10 thoughts on “Squelch!”

    1. Please pass on my sincere apologies to your monitor Sheila.

      We don’t get wet very often so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Oh, maybe if you’re in the vicinity of Ben Donich anytime soon you could keep an eye out for him… πŸ˜‰

  1. Shame about the weather and these rocks look a bit daunting. Poor Cap’n Jack! Is Maisie still with him or was the lure of Bonio’s/food in general too great?

    1. The down-climb was actually ok – just didn’t want to risk Maisie – she’s still a bit away from being 100% sure on her feet on the hills. No boulder fields for a while yet! The Fatdog follows the food…end of story. πŸ˜†

    1. β€œIt wasn’t supposed to rain!” he bleated.

      Scotland in July – never rains! (ahem)

    1. Oddly enough I was just about to write that Alex πŸ˜† . After me moaning to my provider that after 2 weeks in sunny France and 2 non-rain hill trips I was having rouble getting wet… πŸ™„

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