Les Vacances – Le Moulin Neuf

On Saturday we drove down to the Dordogne and are ensconced in a wonderful B&B called Le Moulin Neuf owned by our most excellent host, Robert. Robert makes all our dinner reservations and keeps us up to date with where to go and when. The property is nothing short of stunning with acres of grounds including a very large pond with monster fish and voles, a family of ducks and ducklings not to mention the 5 cats, of which we’ve only seen 3, so maybe the monster fish ate the other 2!

We’ve lots of photos but I haven’t got the laptop operational as yet to allow me to put them on the blog. Here’s a couple of Le Moulin Neuf from the iPad to be going on with.




8 thoughts on “Les Vacances – Le Moulin Neuf”

  1. I see you’ve moved up-market MrP. 😀

    It’s difficult to see how our 5 star B&B could compete with such overt opulence…but we’ll persevere. Please don’t feel too sorry for us. 😉

  2. I’ve been distracted the past 10 days with the hospitalization of husband Clay, and when I checked today to see the latest from Ken & J….. nothing. Maybe you fell from cybergrace, or maybe I did!

    If you’re somehow disconnected, catching up after you return home will be just as fun.


  3. Maybe they’ve been distracted? ;o)

    “A couple from Falkirk have emerged as the winners of the £161m Euromillions jackpot.”

  4. Simon, that would be just too perfect! Obviously, “a couple from Falkirk” DID win, but not sure
    Ken & J are into lotteries. Being cyber friends doesn’t allow enough continuity to reveal
    their true lifestyle. Hmmmm… stay tuned.

  5. Hi Florene, sorry to hear that Clay’s back in hospital. Hope things work out ok, it must be very worrying for you.

    Couldn’t get the laptop (needed for the camera photos) hooked up at the B&B so the blog had a rest. Since we’ve been back we’ve had a busy few days – just beginning to settle down now. Hopefully the blogs will be back in full swing in the next couple of days. 😀

  6. Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner MrP…I was too busy supervising the construction of the new canal up from the Forth to allow our yacht to be moored at the front door…money no object you know!

    Sadly it was a couple from Largs who won…they just happened to purchase their ticket in nearby Polmont…I reckon there must be quite a few “disappointed” people in Polmont tonight.

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