Les Vacances – Day 1 in Cognac

It’s been hot…very hot!

It’s at least 34C

I’m not used to this heat.

Brain dead…can’t think…too hot!

Sat…ate melon…drank beer…ate pasta…drank wine…can’t think…still too hot!


IPad’s first photo – not bad.

Will write in sentences when cooler.

But forecast is for more hot!


8 thoughts on “Les Vacances – Day 1 in Cognac”

  1. I hate the heat…. puts the brakes on in my head and entire body. We have hot summers here, but so far this year, very cool (relatively). Other factors keep us here, so we stay in air-conditioned homes, and other places, and miss the fresh air of cooler climes.

    I know of what you speak…. ugly feeling, right?

    The iPad photo is exceptional…. just incredible quality…. look forward to more. Your focus and perspective were working, even though you were in meltdown!

    1. Hi Florene :D. It’s pretty sticky again today but should drop about 8C by tomorrow to about 27C which will be a bit better. Results from the iPad camera will be pretty variable as it doesn’t have much by way of controls on it. Time will tell.

    1. Thanks Just Ramblin’ – The photo was down to blazing sunshine! Glad it came out well as thinking of something to write wasn’t an option


  2. Lovely pic! And sentences not required to convey the atmosphere. 🙂
    I have given up on my little camera in favour if my iPhone for picture taking now. It does an excellent job for snapshots, so if the iPad does the same you will be all good!!


  3. The iPad is a bit of an unwieldy beast when it comes to taking photos Annie. I’d used it to save downloading from the cameras to the laptop – but today was a day for using the cameras – so I’m off to start fiddling with computer cables 😦

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