The Tedious Troubles of Technology

The past couple of months have left us will little to blog about.  Traditionally May and June have been tricky months for making our escape into the wilds and this year has proved to be no exception.

On the plus side preparations are well underway for the annual summer vacation.  J and I will be heading off to the continent leaving The Fatdog to be supervised by the combined efforts of The Bleating Sheep and The Cupcake Queen…which will, no doubt, prove to be an “interesting” experience for all concerned.  The Fatdog has already threatened to leave home.


With J occupying the PC more and more of an evening I took the step of purchasing a new iPad 2 to keep me online.  Yep…we are at the cutting edge here at The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation; but after last night’s attempts to set up my first WordPress post using the “Clever Wee Beastie”, the “cutting” most likely to be done is that of my wrists!  My God, it can be finicky.

The main difficulties arise with the on-screen keyboard not having a back-space arrow.  A well placed finger on the screen can put the cursor at the end of a word to allow the back space delete to operate, but this can be a bit fiddly.  My considerable wrath was incurred when I tried to insert a word into an existing paragraph.  For some obscure reason I could type the first letter of the word – but when I tried to type the second letter – the cursor jumped – to the end of the text and carried on happily adding letters at this point.  The “Clever Wee Beastie” was given a severe talking to.  I abandoned the post and began a new one.  It seemed to have learned its lesson.


It’s now apparent that technological advancements are not without their hiccups…I’ve already sent back a SD card reader/USB attachment to Amazon – the most useless piece of plastic I’ve had the misfortune to purchase.  It was supposed to plug into the iPad and take either my camera card or connect to the camera via the USB cable.  It did neither.  The iPad ignored the SD card totally and was so irritated by the USB connection it put up a message saying the device wasn’t supported!  On top of all that the minute switch on the side of the device disappeared inside the unit at first touch.  I’ve now ordered the Apple version from the Apple store – mind you the reviews were mixed for that piece of kit as well so I’m not holding my breath…

As if the hassle with the iPad add on wasn’t bad enough I bought a wee unit that plugged into my iPod to allow it to play through the car radio.   It was a disaster as well!  Pathetic sound quality.  I took it back to HMV where I picked it up the week before.

“We’ve had a few of those come back” sympathised the assistant.


Not much else I can say after all that.

I’ll leave you with The Beta Band.

Round the Bend – The Beta Band


6 thoughts on “The Tedious Troubles of Technology”

  1. Hi, Excellent blog and love the name and the humour. I’m a bit of tech geek but it can be useful and frustrating in equal measure. I work for Nokia so of course I can’t possibly pass anything other than derogatory comments about Apple products! Look forward to more Fatdog broadcasts

    1. Hi Andy welcome to the blog 😀 Many thanks for the comment. The Ipad and my ipod have been great but any add-ons have been woeful. Even the apple SD/USB connector for the camera doesn’t appear to work! For the hols I’ll have to take the old lap top to blog with as I can’t seem to find a way to upload photos from my cameras to my iPad – “rats!”

      That’s a lovely part of the world you have been photographing for your blog. Great stuff! 😀

  2. Ooh, “the continent”, eh? You and your fancy destinations. Self catering with your dug in some windblown, rain sodden, isolated Scottish backwater – that’s what you should be doing! Never did us any harm!!!

    Aye, right.


    1. Sorry Scott…”sodden, isolated Scottish backwaters” are reserved for the rest of the year. Summer – that’s got to be midge-free territory. Just reading this morning that there’s supposed to be a lot more of the miserable wee sods this year. Have a good holiday 😆 !

  3. Technology does tend to become fickle right when you need it to be at its best! Interesting how that works…like the little devices know that we need them to be on top of their game so they start messin’ with our heads. Good luck with your new device. : )

    1. Hi Just Ramblin’ 😀 Thanks for the good wishes.

      Clicked onto your blog and the first thing I thought I saw (without the aid of my glasses I hasten to add) was a baby orang – then I realised I was looking at a “Newfy” pup 😳 . What a beautiful wee beastie! Maisie’s met a few over the years but is always wary because of their size – especially the pups who can be big and bouncy – very big and bouncy!

      Maisie (8 years old) never bothered much about toys but her brother (my sister-in-laws dog) loves running around with a pink furry handbag toy that was bought for Maisie 😯

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