Anybody Miss Us?

Anybody miss us?

We’ve been a wee bit busy with a new project.  “Oh God!” they exclaim “not another hairbrained geocaching idea is it?”

Most definitely not…no more geocaching…not now…not ever!  I had a much better idea this time. 😀

Want to see?

O.K. I think I’m just about ready….here it is!


2 thoughts on “Anybody Miss Us?”

  1. Well that should do wonders for your hill fitness.

    And I can’t abide that ‘click here for more details’ malarky.

    Otherwise a nice, clean layout.

    Does this mean that the next time I’m up I won’t get “there’s no where near here worth going to eat at”?

  2. Oddly enough I’m losing weight a steady rate – over half a stone so far in the past few weeks. I’m only attempting hills with company these days…so they’re few and far between anyway. 😀

    You can’t stand the click here stuff? Is that not your attention span deficit disorder clicking in again…don’t worry I’ll put in a few pics for you.

    It means I’ll have more time to find somewhere decent for you to take us to 😀 😉

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