April in Crinan

I would be the first to admit our list of conquered hills for the months of April and May is not particularly impressive.

We’ve conquered our old favourite the Meikle Bin (missing out on a possible big cat encounter if reports are to be believed) .

We’ve accidentally bagged the viewpoint that is Moncreiffe Hill.

We’ve carried out the incredibly arduous ascent of Fallin Bing.

But our greatest triumph was the ascent of the unnamed lump of rock that overlooks the scenic start of the Crinan Canal on Argyll’s beautiful coastline.  Crinan Wood may only be 96m high but it is a short walk of stunning views with a hotel offering decent shellfish on completion.  The Fatdogs took a trip out to the Argyll coast to explore…

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Here’s the FLICKR link for the photos.


5 thoughts on “April in Crinan”

  1. Oh, what a wonderful set of photos!!! Fatdogs look so
    content, and so they should. We have a saying over here,
    “Lucky Dog”, not literally about a dog, but I said it literally.

    I see some new wallpaper scenes….. just perfect for virtual traveling.


    1. I think I’ve been editing this post as you’ve been reading Florene – don’t worry I’ve just been adding links. You may have missed the one to the big cat story though.

      It’s a beautiful spot and has a lot of ancient remains – standing stones, burial chambers etc. nearby. Fascinating area altogether. 😀

  2. Hi Sheila 😀 Good to have you back.

    Murphy has appeared in the past. He’s Maisie’s brother (from the same litter) and belongs to J’s sister, The Cupcake Queen – who also gets an occasional mention on the blog.

    Here’s a link to a previous “tail”.

  3. Oh, yes! I remember that post with the photo of the two dogs charging along on the beach. I do recall mentions of the Cupcake Queen too.

    Funny how screen names are often easier to recall than real names! 😉

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