F.B.C. Non-Coverage of Royal Wedding Shock

The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation’s invite to cover tomorrow’s big event seems to have been misplaced, leaving us out in the cold as regards reporting on matters royal.  I suppose (in desperation) we could visit all the street parties in our estate and gauge the public mood towards our prospective future monarchs.   Our late evening dog walk detected one house in our sprawling mass of (relatively) new build which was displaying Union Jack bunting and a token half-dozen red, white and blue balloons balanced precariously on top of a garden shrub.  Not a huge endorsement of the royal family in this part of the world it would appear.  More than likely this solitary aberration can be attributed to a sectarian singing Rangers supporter thumbing his nose at pathetically inadequate UEFA sanctions.  The other possibility will result in me being wakened tomorrow morning by the sound of a Fruity Bigots Flute Band thumping its way down the street.


4 thoughts on “F.B.C. Non-Coverage of Royal Wedding Shock”

  1. I have been comparing the uniform worn by (soon to be !) King William at today’s event with that worn by Prince Charles at his own wedding to the saintly Diana .
    Was that the sash his father wore ?

    1. Dear Curious of Larkhall I’ve no doubt there will be massive celebrations in the streets of your home town when Wills ascends the throne…no more could your anthems be remotely considered sectarian. One state visit across the Irish sea (preferably with a white horse) and all your dreams will become true!

      Many thanks for your orange coloured support…OM 😆

  2. The beanfeast even got a mention on the Al Jazeera news channel though thankfully they had the sense to make it a short 60 second report.
    Bit more than it was worth I thought personally..
    As regards your missing invite..well,maybe they thought you were related to Gordon of that ilk ?

  3. Related to GB…urghh….heaven forbid!

    As the massive crowd walked down the Mall to the palace the avenue was a mass of red, white and blue union jacks…other than at the very front of the crowd where there was waving a huge saltire, dwarfing all the piddly union flags.

    Best bit was the crowd chanting “Phillip, Phillip.”…no, not for Phillip the Greek (Duke of Edinburgh) but for Phillip Schofield who was doing the commentary. That’s more like the thing! 😀

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