“Blog” has been Deleted!

In a flash of utter brilliance I have installed feeds to other blogs at the foot of the (HOME) page and then deleted the surplus to requirements (BLOG) page.

I reckon it works rather well but if anyone has noticed a down side to the removal of the (BLOG) page please let me know.


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4 thoughts on ““Blog” has been Deleted!”

  1. I’ve ordered a copy of “Ken’s New Blog For Dummies” from Amazon, and I’m sure it will all make perfect sense.


  2. I wouldn’t bet on it! 😆

    My genius for blog design is equalled only by my inability to read instructions. The 2 cancel each other out quite successfully and so we are left with the mess that is the blog. 😀

  3. Don’t worry Alan…tell nurse you don’t need more of your medicine. 😉 All my fault.

    Until yesterday there was a page called BLOG which sat next to HOME on the black horizontal bar across the front screen . The BLOG page was like a traditional scrolling blog page with a number of posts in time order. You will probably have noticed that my new blog doesn’t operate that way but has a static front page with each post opened individually from it. This means no scrolling down post after post (other than if you click on a category on the categories widget) I had created the BLOG page before I fully understood how my new front page actually worked. Now that I am happy that the front page is operating with the links and info I wanted on it, I felt I could get rid of the traditional BLOG page.

    Sorry for the confusion…and that you are still able to read the blog. 😉

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