“It’s oh so quiet!”

That’s now 2 weekends and no walking!

A couple of weeks ago I overdid the exercise between The Fara, back class and spin bike resulting in what could be referred to as a temporary setback.  Fortunately less than perfect weather opted to coincide with this minor reversal of fortunes so we didn’t miss any decent blue sky opportunities.  In fact the snow that was dumped on the mountains during this past weekend ensured that I wouldn’t have ventured far anyway.  So spirits are undiminished.

On the blog front we’ve been in our new home for just over a week now and things have gone very quiet.

Left behind at the original site are the hordes of spam site hits that I found so irritating. 😀  I also managed to leave behind the masses of hits from people who type in the name of a well known celebrity chef from Padstow, Cornwall and does he have a Michelin Star?

I thought of altering the original page to read “No he feckin’ doesn’t!” 😀  🙄

On reflection I reckon the original blog had more hits from diverse subject searches than from returning friends dropping in to see what we were up to next.  I must admit that I, very naively, hadn’t reckoned on that happening when I started my pristine little project.

Until recently I hadn’t realised how much I owed to the RSS feeds of other bloggers.

Over the past couple of years I’d noticed multiple hits from various sites but it hadn’t dawned that it was visitors to those blogs hitting the new posts on RSS feeds.  With bloggers feeds still linked to our old site (and nothing being posted there) we’ve dropped off the “new post” radar.  I can’t complain though as, much to my embarrassment, I only learned how to set up RSS feeds a couple of weeks ago – I didn’t think it could be done in WordPress.

Design-wise I’m going to alter the Home page to take the RSS feeds that sit currently on the Blog page.  I will then scrap the Blog page which is really surplus to requirements.  This should make navigation less clumsy.  I think the Home page needs a bit of prettying up as well.

Let me know what you think of the new blog arrangements…you never know I might even listen. 😀

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6 thoughts on ““It’s oh so quiet!””

  1. Many thanks Alan, though I’m sure there are none better than your own. 😀 . I see my incredibly subtle, almost undetectable, hint had its desired effect. 😉

  2. Apart from the bit about the chef, almost the whole of that post was complete gobble-de-gook. So, not a new record.

  3. It’s all about faith MrP 😀 .

    Look on these seemingly inexplicable statements above as the blogging equivalent of speaking in tongues. Once I go into my trance-like state at the keyboard what comes out is not necessarily intelligible but merely an expression of my faith…faith that there may be at least a few words within the dross that are actually meaningful.

    I don’t expect there are…are there? 😦

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