It’s all in the description…

As heard on Radio Scotland at lunch time where one listener texted in about the somewhat windy weather on Skye:

“There were sheep blowin’ past like tumbleweed!”

Now there’s an image for you.


2 thoughts on “It’s all in the description…”

  1. There are some areas of the US experiencing extreme high winds. Yesterday in El Paso, TX airliners couldn’t land…. just too severe. Weather Channel last night showed the same in Hamburg, Germany. If it’s not one weather threat, try just about any other these days!

    Fatdog picture above looks as if he’s in a crosswind. Love that extended ear, like an airplane making a hard left!

  2. Notice that there’s nothing much in your part of the world Florene…do you get much by way of serious weather?

    The number of shots I’ve taken on mountain tops trying to get both her ears up – hundreds! Only managed one or maybe two in over 4 years 😆 .

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