The Ascent of an Island

With no walking this weekend it was time to dig out some of the photos from last years trips that never quite made it onto the blog.  The gallery below joins the continuing “The Wester Ross Scribbles” – a work giving testament to my inability to produce blog entries anywhere near on time 😀 .

We did this short walk, hauled from the walkhighlands database, just before we returned home from our easter break up north.  Rain was never far away that day so the colours are a bit dull.  However the location is stunning and well worth a visit.

This is the very short “Tail” of how The Fatdog and I ascended an island.  J refused to participate in such nonsense and opted to wait – in what might be considered, on reflection, a rather dodgy spot!

If you click on the first photo it will bring up a bigger version in a gallery – then you can click through the full “Tail” complete with captions. 😀 .  I only discovered this feature yesterday – and I’ve had the blog for 2 years.  😳

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