The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation Proudly Presents – A New Theme!

You may have noticed that, contrary to my expectations, the blog can still be found by search engines.  Before I pressed the button, I discovered that my proposed withdrawal from the clutch of the all-seeing monsters wouldn’t happen even if I did press it.  Such disillusionment I have never experienced before.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I decided to put the best face on it…and give the blog a makeover instead.  Goodness knows how long I’ll keep this WordPress theme as I’ve still to discover what disadvantages may lurk beneath its “leather-bound” exterior.  Hopefully not too many of you will be inconsolable by the loss of the old one.  However, do not be surprised if this re-incarnation amends itself before your very eyes! 😉

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2 thoughts on “The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation Proudly Presents – A New Theme!”

  1. Next time Fatdog BC visits Wester Ross, perhaps you’d like to take a nosey round our broadcasting studio in Gairloch – Two Lochs Radio is the smallest independent radio station in the UK and welcomes visitors. Lots of good music and local craic. No pies though – sorry!

  2. Hi Alex 😀 . Welcome to the blog and many thanks for the comment.

    We were up at Laide the past 2 Easters staying at The Old Smiddy and had a great time. Noticed the station as we drove through Gairloch…and thought someone was having us on 😳 . I’m sure J tried to tune in at the time but couldn’t find you. I now apologise unreservedly for our scepticism – we’ll be only too delighted to drop in to see what it’s all about the next time we’re up there. Meanwhile I’ll cobble together a link to you from the front page. The blog’s never been visited by a radio station before 😆 so this is a major breakthrough for the F.B.C. 😉

    The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation is far from a large operation itself comprising…ahem…one PC, one general factotum…and a slightly overweight Labrador who is useless on a keyboard…but can do sticky-up ear photos rather well (as long as there is a stiff breeze).

    The blog moved recently (about a week ago) but I haven’t transferred the old stuff over. There’s more about our travels up in your part of the world at the old blog on links below.

    The first in in 6 parts 2009 (by Part 3 we’ve reached Loch Maree) and starts here:

    and here’s the 2010 not on the Wester Ross Scribbles page:

    I’ve just had a quick run around your website – good to see community action like this. 😀

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